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Director: Kyle Vincent
Produced by: Jared & Kyle Vincent
Written by: Jared Vincent, Julian Archer, Matt Para
Featuring: Tom Holland, Prof Andrew George, Dr Steve Kershaw, Prof Paul Cartledge, David Asscherick
Locations: Greece, Italy, England, Germany, Iran

When famed astronomer Carl Sagan saw the now world famous photo of our distant earth, known as the Pale Blue Dot, he captured the grandeur perfectly, referring to our planet as “a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.” And it was Sagan’s sentiment that is felt by millions today: that our world has no meaning and no purpose.

Kingdom Come is an historical documentary that examines an ancient Biblical prophecy that gives strong evidence that our planet is not alone in the universe, and that our future does hold meaning.

Kingdom Come takes viewers on a whirlwind journey through the mightiest kingdoms of antiquity; from the gold-drenched city of Babylon, to the mighty metropolis of Rome; examining the courageous deeds of Alexander the Great and the bloodstained triumphs of Roman generals. Ultimately, the story climaxes in our very day, where we see that an ancient prophecy predicted the next move in our world’s timeline.

Kingdom Come reveals that the greatest event of human history is soon to take place.

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